Carnaby Airfield Memorial

in 2014, a group of local residents formed a committee and charity, Carnaby Airfield Memorial,  to raise funds for a memorial to mark the existence of RAF Carnaby and to commemorate the contribution and sacrifices that were made by aircrews during World War Two.

Local artist and sculptor, Stephen Carvill, was commissioned to design the memorial, which is entitled “Hell, Fire, FIDO and a Halifax – RAF Carnaby”. The artwork was inspired by a true story that occurred at RAF Carnaby in April 1945. It is a truly remarkable story of bravery, endurance and stoicism. The artwork depicts a Halifax III bomber coming into land during foggy weather, FIDO was needed for a safe landing and hanging perilously beneath the aircraft is a crew member who was thought to have been lost at sea following a bomber mission off the Norwegian coast.

The glass panels are fitted with LED lights to light up the memorial at night. When lit, the flames are illuminated; bringing the artwork to life and giving the viewer an insight as to how FIDO was used to guide aircraft during poor visibility.

The memorial was erected in May 2019 and was officially opened on the 7th July 2019 by Dr Ian Bell. The memorial is part-funded from grants from the Fraisthorpe Wind Farm and Two Ridings Community Fund.

The full story of RAF Carnaby can be read in the two books written by Gayna Wallis; Station X1 The Story of RAF Carnaby, and Call Up Carnaby which can be purchased locally.

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